What Our WaterMagnet® Customers Say:

"It is amazing how we reduced our filter element replacements, once we installed the WaterMagnet®"

"We had some fuel that heavy rains had put a lot of water in.  The WaterMagnet® got about 3 gallons of water out in 2 days, saving us a lot of trouble and time."

"Our tractors have fuel tanks that require about 5 hours to remove and drain, costing several hundred dollars.  The WaterMagnet® allows us to remove the water without removing the tank, at a fraction of the cost."

"The insurance that we get with the WaterMagnet® is worth whatever it costs.  When you supply fuel for critical aircraft operations, the risk of water from poor sumping or failed filter systems is always there."

"When you are on a boat, 20 miles from land, water in the fuel can be a nightmare....you can't easily remove by pumping out or dipping without contaminating the surrounding water.  With a WaterMagnet®, we were able to remove the water from the fuel in a couple of hours, no spill or water contamination, and be on our way.  From now on, we apply the WaterMagnet® to the fuel tank before leaving port."

"You can see the water being removed from the tank.  Within less than 10 minutes, we got over a cup of water out of the bottom of our mower engine gas tank."

"It is amazing.  We used to have to do a lot of spring maintenance before starting all the engines in our mowing fleet, and still had problems with water.  Now, we just put a WaterMagnet® in each tank 2 days before using."

"We use gasoline, and could use alcohol to remove the water, but some engineer friends tell me that it has some potential bad effects, so now we remove the water with a WaterMagnet®."

"Our hospital emergency generator sits idle for long periods of time, meaning the fuel tanks can accumulate some water and grow slime, so we use a WaterMagnet® to assure the fuel is dry and ready to go when we need it."

"Sure, you can see the water in the bottom of most any fuel tank, using a bright light or mirror in bright sunlight.  Why not remove it and reduce the load on downstream coalescing and filtration?  It just makes good sense."

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