WaterMagnet Models


All WaterMagnetModels provide all the benefits of removing free water from fuel tanks efficiently without use of additives, pumps, or filters.  Use the optional cable and drop to bottom of the tank or where water is located, leave for 1 hour, and remove to check.  Swelling of the absorber will be noted if water is present. When fully absorbed, they swell to be firm to the touch.  If not fully absorbed, they can be returned to tank for more water removal. If surfaces have black material, indicating slime growth, replacement is recommended. Maximum recommended service time in a tank is 60 days.





WMA1X6-C 1.2"Dia.X 6" long (3.0cm X 15 cm) 3 oz (89 ml)
WMA2X10-C 2.25"Dia.X10"long (5.7cm X 25.4 cm) 17 oz (503 ml)
WMA4X10-C 4"Dia.X10"long (7.62cm X 25.4 cm) 69 oz (2.04 liter)
WMA4X24-C 4"Dia.X24"long (10.2cm X 61 cm) 165 oz (4.88 liter)

Depending on the amount of water to be removed, it is usually best to apply the largest model that will safely pass through the opening.  On most large storage tanks with manways or gauge hatches, this will be the 4" size  WaterMagnet .

For smaller tanks, check the opening diameter and be sure that there are no obstructions to prevent removal.  Never, ever, place one in a tank with obstructions or opening clearances that prevent removal!

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