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Do you have water in your fuel tank?

What is the WaterMagnet®?
It is a new, patented, invention that selectively absorbs free water in the presence of fuels like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene.  When absorbed, the water is chemically bonded, and can not return to the fuel.  It was so named for its ability to attract and remove water -
"like a magnet".  It does not use magnets, but advanced absorption technology.

Tank Diagram Before and After WaterMagnet.
The WaterMagnet® has been used to remove water from fuel in many different industries - aviation, marine, agricultural, trucking, and industrial.  Let us help you get the water out!!

Recent Improvements even Kill the Organisms that cause corrosion and plug filters!!

No Additives No Pumping.
No Draining of Tanks. Prevents Engine Shutdown from Water.
Reduces Filter Costs. Reduces Corrosion.
Reduces Slime and Algae. Triple Protection against Fuel Contamination.
Environmentally Safe Disposal. Economical.

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